Established in 2006, Prime Instruction & Language has grown to become one of the premier language schools in town. Austin has experienced some staggering changes over the last decade. And it’s looking like the changes have only just begun. As mega-companies like Apple and Google continue establishing a greater presence here in the heart of Texas, Austin will continue to absorb people from various backgrounds. We’re excited about that!

Our Team

Joseph Gonzales
Joseph GonzalesClass Coordinator / Teacher
Joseph has been teaching Spanish and English to adults for 20 years. He resides in Round Rock and also in Houston.
Carolina Arriaga
Carolina ArriagaTeacher
Carolina Arriaga is originally from La Ceiba, Honduras and currently lives in northwest Austin near Cedar Park.
Vanessa Kryzanowski
Vanessa KryzanowskiTeacher
Vanessa Kryzanowski has been teaching Spanish for 15 years. She’s from Guadalajara, Mexico and currently lives in north-central Austin.
Raul Gonzales
Raul GonzalesDirector
Raul Gonzales is the owner of the Gonzales School of Languages in Houston, Texas, which he established in 1970. Thousands of travelers and business professionals have learned foreign languages from Raul and his extensive staff of teachers.

Past and Present Clients

Austinites have always celebrated the diversity of their city. You can see this in their general willingness and enthusiasm to learn about new cultures and languages. This is why it always seemed like a smart idea for us to establish our language school in Austin.

We started with one dedicated teacher who freelanced around town, teaching Spanish and English from early in the morning til late at night. That humble operation has grown to a team of highly-skilled language instructors who have capably guided hundreds of students towards their language goals.

A Professional Language School in Austin

There’s nothing really new or groundbreaking in the way we teach our students. We present them with various media in the new language. We engage in exercises and conversations which utilize the new material. And then we continually repeat and reinforce the process with old and new material. It’s the old, time-testing approach of learning a language.

What sets us apart is the professionalism of our lessons and our careful assessment of our students’ needs. We meet them right at their level.  We determine what they know and what they don’t know. And then we generate custom, dynamic lessons which help our students to learn. We write our own curriculum and occasionally use some outside materials.

Also, instead of having our students drive the congested streets of Austin to come to our location, we go to the locations of our students and teach them there. This greatly facilitates the attendance and participation of our students. Visit our Learn Spanish at Work page (link) to learn more about of workplace class packages.

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Free Orientation Class

We highly encourage those who are interested in our courses to schedule a free no-obligation orientation with one of our instructors. This gives prospective students a clear idea of what to expect. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the teacher, look through class materials, discuss a schedule and ask questions.

For an individual, this is as simple as meeting with the instructor at a coffee shop. Meeting with a company representative could also be a simple one-on-one meeting.

However, another effective use of this orientation is to gather employees who have expressed interest in attending a Spanish course at work. Most importantly, the employees learn about our courses and get excited about learning Spanish. But also, the orientation helps us suggest a custom course and schedule for that company.

Joseph Gonzales, instructor, language school in Austin

Joseph Gonzales, class coordinator and instructor, in the middle of a lesson.

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For those who are looking for a language school in Houston, visit the Gonzales School of Languages website (link).