About Joseph Gonzales

Joseph is the Owner/Director of Prime Instruction & Language. He originally established the business in 2006 as the Austin extension of the Gonzales School of Languages, which is owned and operated in Houston by his father, Raul Gonzales. In 2012, Joseph relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida, where he maintains a busy teaching schedule, oversees operations in Austin and creates all the content for this website.

Professional Spanish Interpreting Services in Houston

During complex business deals and legal proceedings, language barriers often present a problem. This is especially the case in a multi-ethnic city like Houston. When important matters are at hand and when there must be a smooth exchange between two languages, an experienced interpreter is critical. (tag: spanish interpreter houston) We offer a variety of [...]

Professional Spanish Interpreting Services in Houston2020-03-04T11:48:45-05:00

When to Use ESTAR

As you may already know, there are two verbs in Spanish that express "to be"; estar and ser. The next logical question thing to know is when to use estar and when to use ser. Let's answer this question generally and then we'll elaborate with examples. There's an estar conjugation chart down below...and also a [...]

When to Use ESTAR2019-10-13T16:04:26-05:00

Inspiring Guitar Lessons with Michael

Have you always wanted to play the guitar? Do you aspire to play professionally? Or do you just want to play for the fun of it? If these sound like your goals, we have a dynamic guitar instructor who will help you to achieve them! (tag: guitar lessons houston heights) "I've been playing for over [...]

Inspiring Guitar Lessons with Michael2019-09-28T11:15:32-05:00

Professional Spanish Classes in Pearland

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Pearland page of Prime Instruction & Language. I'm Joseph, longtime director for the school. I'm also the coordinator and instructor for our Spanish classes in Pearland. In short, I help adults to achieve their Spanish-speaking goals with dynamic, engaging lessons. I also serve as a Spanish tutor in Pearland for grade-school [...]

Professional Spanish Classes in Pearland2019-08-08T11:42:26-05:00

Adjectives Frequently Used with ESTAR

In this lesson, we'll study a few dozen adjectives that are frequently used with the verb ESTAR. Consider that estar is the more temporary way of expressing "to be" in Spanish. Click here for a thorough review on when to use estar. The more permanent "to be" is ser. Both verbs are frequently followed by [...]

Adjectives Frequently Used with ESTAR2019-10-12T22:49:44-05:00

The Difference Between SER and ESTAR

SER and ESTAR both mean "to be" in Spanish. In this lesson, we'll cover the difference between these two foundational verbs so you can confidently use them with accuracy.

The Difference Between SER and ESTAR2019-10-12T22:10:50-05:00

Is Y’all Proper English? No, But It Should Be

Is y'all proper English? Well technically, the answer is no. But objectively, there's nothing wrong with it. It's the perfect contraction of "you" and "all." And still no one has suggested a better pronoun to use while talking to two or more people. In my opinion, y'all should say y'all.

Is Y’all Proper English? No, But It Should Be2019-01-31T12:01:00-05:00


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