About Joseph Gonzales

Joseph is the Owner/Director of Prime Instruction & Language. He originally established the business in 2006 as the Austin extension of the Gonzales School of Languages, which is owned and operated in Houston by his father, Raul Gonzales. In 2012, Joseph relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida, where he maintains a busy teaching schedule, oversees operations in Austin and creates all the content for this website.

Is Y’all Proper English? No, But It Should Be

Is y'all proper English? Well technically, the answer is no. But objectively, there's nothing wrong with it. It's the perfect contraction of "you" and "all." And still no one has suggested a better pronoun to use while talking to two or more people. In my opinion, y'all should say y'all.

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How to Say Austin in Spanish

In this post, we'll answer a simple question that we often hear during our Spanish classes in Austin. Many students ask us how to say Austin in Spanish. The short answer is that there are two main ways of pronouncing Austin during a Spanish conversation. Neither pronunciation is more correct than the other. It just [...]

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Why Are English & Spanish Among the Hardest Languages to Learn?

English and Spanish are among the hardest languages to learn in the world. They are difficult, however, for completely opposite reasons. Spanish is fortified by a complex grammatical structure which is quite challenging to learn. The pronunciation of the language, however, is simple and straightforward. Each letter of the Spanish alphabet makes one sound and [...]

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Apple’s New Austin Campus to Create 15,000 Jobs

Just a mile away from its existing facilities in north Austin, Apple plans to build a new 133-acre facility that will surely accelerate the drastic transformation of the Capital City. Plus, the number of Apple Austin campus jobs could reach 15,000 at the completion of the project in 2021. That's not including the indirect economic [...]

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How to Learn a Language

As the class coordinator of our school in Austin, I'm usually the first point of contact for potential students who want to know how to learn a language. In particular, how to learn Spanish. Naturally, I get the usual questions about our teaching methods and what we're going to cover. Those questions have simple answers. [...]

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Free Introductory Spanish Lesson

The First Lesson Is on Us Lots of people wish to learn Spanish or some other language. But many of them don't know where to begin. "Should I get a book?" "Buy software?" "Hire a tutor?" This indecision usually prevents them from taking any action at all.  spanish classes austin free For this reason, [...]

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Spanish Lessons in Austin – Private or Group Lessons

The ethnic diversity of Austin is one of its strengths. Knowing English and Spanish enables Austinites to communicate with nearly everyone in town. In this post, we are going to provide an overview (below the form) of our Spanish lessons in Austin and offer you a free orientation for you and your staff. Fill [...]

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Learn Another Language

Well isn't this ironic...a language teacher questioning whether or not you should learn another language. That's like a mechanic who says there's nothing wrong with your car. Or the insurance salesman who says you already have enough coverage. I doubt these professionals even exist. Everybody who sells a service claims that you need that service...and [...]

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When Words Get in the Way

“A man who speaks fastidiously will often lose the attention of his listener.” The above quote was said by...no one. No one ever said it to me and I never said it to anyone else, but it's a true statement. I begin this post with that quote to make a point - a point that [...]

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