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Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Pearland page of Prime Instruction & Language. I’m Joseph, longtime director for the school. I’m also the coordinator and instructor for our Spanish classes in Pearland. In short, I help adults to achieve their Spanish-speaking goals with dynamic, engaging lessons. I also serve as a Spanish tutor in Pearland for grade-school kids. I help young people to achieve their academic goals with proven results. I’m looking forward to working with you! Learn more about my methods and course costs down below.

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spanish classes in pearland, spanish tutor in pearland

Spanish Classes in Pearland

Some students prefer a formal, structured type of class where the teacher explains the grammar and sentence structure. These students typically don’t like hearing sentences they don’t understand. Nor do they like to speak a sentence unless they know it’s correct.

Other students prefer a more fluid, conversational approach to the language which involves more dialogue. They’re perfectly fine with not understanding every word of a conversation. They’re also quite willing to speak with errors.

Over the years, I’ve taught hundreds of students from both sides of this spectrum and many students in between. While my students learn the language, I “learn the students.” I discover and take advantage of their learning styles to maximize the effectiveness of my lessons. I highly encourage my students to speak during our lessons because it builds their confidence.

I’ve taught employees and executives of big and small companies all over Houston, including Halliburton, Houston Chronicle, Oxy and Gulf States Toyota.

Small-Group Lessons

Create your own small-group Spanish class with friends, family members or colleagues. We’ll go and teach your group at your location. This is a fun, affordable way of approaching your lessons. Using a new language, after all, is a social experience. Why not form a group so you can learn and practice together?

We occasionally form our own groups with individuals who wish to be part of a group. If that’s what you’re looking for, give us a call or send us a message to let us know what you have in mind for your learning goals.

Private Lessons

While it’s certainly a rewarding experience to learn with others, a group class may not move along as quickly as you need. For those who need a class that is more focused on their individual level and needs, a private class is usually a good option. In a one on one class, the instructor is able to concentrate the lesson plan on the student’s specific needs. The accelerated progress will justify the extra cost of a private course.

All classes are held at the Pearland Library at 3522 Liberty Dr. (directions).

Spanish Tutoring in Pearland

Another service we offer is Spanish tutoring grade-school kids. Some kids simply need help with testing. Others truly wish to learn and speak the language. In either case, I can help. I go to the homes of students or to whichever location is convenient for the family. I help kids to focus and enjoy the studying process. Call me or fill out the message form down below. I look forward to hearing from you and helping your little ones to make progress in Spanish! Lastly, here are some of the details of our classes.

How Long Is Each Session?2018-12-19T22:45:46-05:00

90 minutes. Nothing is set in stone. We can offer a shorter or a longer class. But we’ve seen over the years that an hour and a half is the ideal duration for a language class. We usually take a short break at the midpoint.

How Much Are Small-Group Classes2018-12-19T23:18:39-05:00

$25-$30 for each 90-minute class, depending on how many other students are in the group.

Cost per class for each student in a group of 3 or 4, for example, is $30. In a group of 5 or 6, each class costs $28. And in a group of 7+ students, the cost per class is $25. Discounts are available for those who pay for 5 or 10 classes in advance.

# of students 1-class payment 5-class payment 10-class payment
3 $30 $135 $240
4 $30 $135 $240
5 $28 $126 $224
6 $28 $126 $224
7 $25 $112 $200
8 $25 $112 $200


How Much Are Private Classes2018-12-19T23:31:39-05:00

$55-$65 for each 90-minute class, depending on how many classes the student wishes to pay for in advance.

Cost per class on a pay-as-you-go basis is $65. You can also pay $300 upfront for 5 classes ($60 per class) or $550 for 10 classes ($55 per class).



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