Professional Spanish Classes in Pearland

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Pearland page of Prime Instruction & Language. I'm Joseph, longtime director for the school. I'm also the coordinator and instructor for our Spanish classes in Pearland. In short, I help adults to achieve their Spanish-speaking goals with dynamic, engaging lessons. I also serve as a Spanish tutor in Pearland for grade-school [...]

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Adjectives Frequently Used with ESTAR

In this lesson, we'll study a few dozen adjectives that are frequently used with the verb ESTAR. Consider that estar is the more temporary way of expressing "to be" in Spanish. Click here for a thorough review on when to use estar. The more permanent "to be" is ser. Both verbs are frequently followed by [...]

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The Difference Between SER and ESTAR

SER and ESTAR both mean "to be" in Spanish. In this lesson, we'll cover the difference between these two foundational verbs so you can confidently use them with accuracy.

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