Google is planning to occupy all 35 floors of a new office building in downtown Austin. The big lease signals yet another large investment of a tech giant in the Capital City. The new building will occupy all of Block 185 and overlook Lady Bird Lake at the corner of W. Cesar Chavez and Nueces St. It will be just to the east of the Austin Public Library.

New Google Austin downtown building will be at the corner of W Cesar Chavez and Nueces

Google had as many as 800 employees as of the summer of 2018. That number should definitely rise dramatically as it fill 35 floors with employees. Its 790,000 square feet can occupy as many as 5,000 people. It was only last month that Apple announced its plan to build a second campus in northwest Austin. That new $1 billion campus could occupy as many as 15,000 employees.

New Google Austin Office Building Opens Spring 2022

Much like Apple’s plans, Google’s investment in the building signifies a doubling down of a major tech company of its already-existing operation in our city. Austin is already growing four times faster than most of Silicon Valley. It’s becoming harder and harder for high-taxation states to compete with states like Texas, which is one of only nine states which has no income tax. Austin, in particular, is drawing talent and startups from all over the country. The lower cost of its real estate, relative to that of other cities, is also a major factor where Austin has the advantage.

All These Extra Austinites

The big question in the mind of Austinites, however, is what we’re going to do with all these extra Austinites. The crowding of the town, plus the constraints of its highways, was already a big concern before all these tech companies started coming to town. Most of us are wondering what kind of hellish construction is coming our way in the next 10-15 years.

Plus, it doesn’t look like the influx of companies and people is slowing down anytime soon. A new tower is going up at the corner of 4th and Colorado. Also, Samsung is planning a drastic expansion of its 300-acre campus on the northeast side of town near Pflugerville.

What does all this mean for Austin? Well, it’s certainly not going to be boring or uneventful around here. It never has been. Not to mention the excitement of people from other cultures coming to town who speak foreign languages. That’s very exciting to us here at Prime Instruction & Language.

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